Monday, January 04, 2010

National Flag Scarf

This is a pattern for a fun scarf made with colors from any national flag. The colors in Hometown USA by Lion Brand are perfect for many of the countries. This is somewhat ironic, but hey, going global can be fun!

Dimensions: 75 inches x 5 inches
Gauge: Probably not that important, but about 15.5 stitches per 4 inches in garter stitch.


Size 13 (US) 9mm circular needles. (approximately 47 inches long)
Lion Brand Hometown USA, 3 balls, pick your colors.

I used Pittsburgh Yellow (A), Cincinnati Red (B) and Oakland Black (C) to make the German flag.


This scarf is knit longways in garter stitch.
Measure at least 175 inches from the end and tie your slipknot here for the long tail cast on. Each cast on stitch takes about an inch of yarn.

Loosely cast on 160 stitches with color A, using long tail cast on. In such a chunky yarn, the cast on row nearly becomes a row of its own.

Knit 6 rows.
Join B, knit 8 rows.
Join C, knit 6 rows.
Cast off.

Wave your scarf around during the World Cup.

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bethany18 said...

That's pretty neat!